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Super Little Crab

Nikko’s new 1” Super Little Crabs are scented with real crabs and made of Nikko’s soft floating material. The legs and claws move with the slightest of ease to help elicit strikes. Extremely durable, these little crabs will stand up to big abuse from a variety of saltwater species. Excellent for bottom fishing, jigging, under popping corks or slip bobbers, dragging along sandy flats or even topwater.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Solid Red458026944351135125.4mm(1inch)5806
C03 Pumpkin458026944353535325.4mm(1inch)5806
C04 Glow White458026944354235425.4mm(1inch)5806
C05 Green Gold Flake458026944355935525.4mm(1inch)5806
C06 UV Red Glow Flake458026944356635625.4mm(1inch)5806