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Octopus 4.5inch

Amazing action, ease of use and versatility make these 3.5” and 4.5” octopus baits a great choice. Hollow heads aid in rigging. The floating material and softness generate a natural rhythmic flowing action which get fish on. Durability of these baits is unsurpassed. Great for a variety of saltwater species as well as perch, walleye and bass.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
UV Red4580269444518451114mm(4.5inch)9506
UV Orange4580269444525452114mm(4.5inch)9506
UV Glow4580269444532453114mm(4.5inch)9506
UV Key Lime4580269444549454114mm(4.5inch)9506
UV Red Glitter4580269444556455114mm(4.5inch)9506
UV Red Glow Flake4580269444563 456114mm(4.5inch)9506
Morning Dawn4580269444914491114mm(4.5inch)9506
Bait Fish Blue4580269444921492114mm(4.5inch)9506
Green Gold Flake4580269444938493114mm(4.5inch)9506