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Dappy Super Scent Balls 13mm

Nikko Super Scent Balls are ultra soft and feature a super scented core packed with all-natural scent that provide a burst of scent when bit. Versatile in many situations from providing buoyancy to hooks, attractants to other baits or used by themselves. Great for saltwater jigging and salmon/steelhead fishing. Addition of super scent balls increase effectiveness of both natural and artificial baits.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYQtyOrder Qty
C01 UV Stinky Squid458026944871487113mm5508pc6
C02 UV Stinky Lime458026944872187213mm5508pc6
C03 UV Stinky Blue458026944873887313mm5508pc6
C04 UV Orange458026944874587413mm5508pc6
C05 UV Red458026944875287513mm5508pc6