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Pin Tail 1.9inch

The popular “Pin Straight” worms are back, and better than ever with a new name, new colors and a generous infusion of fish oil to take this worm to another level. The eight colors are suitable for diverse fishing conditions from saltwater to fresh. The colors and action make this bait suitable for day or night and effective with finicky fish. The hollow head facilitates consistent rigging. The soft material has great action and easily collapses in the fish’s mouth in a natural way. Most commonly used with an ordinary collarless jig head and simply reeling it in while imputing action with twitches and motion of the rod. Whether targeting mackerel, rockfish and other species in saltwater or trout, panfish and crappie in freshwater, the Nikko Pin Tail worm will bring the action. The assortment pack is only available for the first production run.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Morning Dawn458026944591159148mm(1.9inch)5006
C02 Chart Gold Flake458026944592859248mm(1.9inch)5006
C03 Silverfish458026944593559348mm(1.9inch)5006
C04 Peppergum458026944594259448mm(1.9inch)5006
C05 Mudbug458026944595959548mm(1.9inch)5006
C06 Black Aurora458026944596659648mm(1.9inch)5006
C07 UV Clear Green458026944597359748mm(1.9inch)5006
C08 UV Glow Clear Orange458026944598059848mm(1.9inch)5006
C09 Assorted Pack458026944599759948mm(1.9inch)5006