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Squid Strip Rolls 150cm

Nikko’s squid strip rolls provide the ultimate solution to squid strip style baits. Long length can be cut to any desired length and further customized for the action and presentation you want. Great for tipping jigs and other uses. Infused with shrimp powder and visually enhanced for extra drawing power. Soft and stretchy (up to 5X length!) and have great action which bring solid bites. With nearly endless ways to use these baits, Nikko squid strip rolls are a must for any fisherman.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYQtyOrder Qty
C02 Midnight Blue (Glow UV)4580269449322932150cm1,4001pc6
C03 UV Clear Red4580269449339933150cm1,4001pc6
C04 UV Pink4580269449346934150cm1,4001pc6
C05 UV Green4580269449353935150cm1,4001pc6
C07 UV Chartreuse4580269449377937150cm1,4001pc6