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Dappy Sandworm 3.3inch

Nikko’s Dappy Sandworms 3.3” are built to imitate real sandworms. Made of Nikko’s floating, super soft Dappy material, the body and tapered tail will move with slightest of ease. Combined with high levels of scent and amazing softness, these sandworms look, move, smell and feel like the real thing. Effective in both saltwater and freshwater for a wide variety of species.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Bloody Red458026944361036184mm(3.3inch)5806
C02 UV Clear Red Flake458026944362736284mm(3.3inch)5806
C03 Clear Green458026944363436384mm(3.3inch)5806
C04 Glow White458026944364136484mm(3.3inch)5806
C05 Solid Pink458026944365836584mm(3.3inch)5806
C06 Orange458026944366536684mm(3.3inch)5806