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ZAZA Hellgrammite 3inch

Nikko’s 3” hellgrammites are world famous for their ability to catch fish at levels other baits cannot touch. Exquisitely mimicking real hellgrammites and made of Nikko’s super soft floating material and all natural built-in scent, Nikko’s hellgrammites create an action, profile, feel and smell that drive fish to bite. Easy to fish, hellgrammites can be fished like live bait, on jig heads, drop shot or Texas rigged. Made of Nikko’s tough material, each hellgrammite will typically last through many dozens of catches.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYQtyOrder Qty
C01 Green Pumpkin458026944541654176mm(3inch)6804pc6
C02 Watermelon Red Flake458026944542354276mm(3inch)6804pc6
C04 Natural458026944544754476mm(3inch)6804pc6
C07 Mudbug458026944547854776mm(3inch)6804pc6
C09 Obsidian458026944549254976mm(3inch)6804pc6
C10 Magma458026944571357176mm(3inch)6804pc6