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Shakey Worm 6inch

Finally, the long-awaited 6-inch Shakey Worm is now available to everyone! Easy to use with a wide range of rigging methods from standard jig heads, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs and free rigs. Made with floating material, these worms will stand up on the bottom helping to avoid snagging. Used weightless, these floating worms are also very effective when fished topwater. When used with a lightweight hook, Nikko shakey worms produce a natural floating action when free-rigging. Nikko’s unique strike inducing scent is embedded throughout the bait and draws fish in even when held still. Assortment packs are only available for the first production run.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Southern Junebug4580269446710671150mm(6inch)7606
C02 Earthworm4580269446727672150mm(6inch)7606
C03 Black Aurora4580269446734673150mm(6inch)7606
C04 Spiced Amber4580269446741674150mm(6inch)7606
C05 Green Pumpkin4580269446758675150mm(6inch)7606
C06 New Galaxy4580269446765676150mm(6inch)7606
C07 Assortment A4580269446772677150mm(6inch)7606
C08 Assortment B4580269446789678150mm(6inch)7606