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ZAZA Leech 3.8inch

Nikko’s Zaza Leech (3.8”) represents the pinnacle of design for drop shot/Ned rigs style baits. The Zaza Leech comes in a traditional profile that has been improved in every way to catch more fish. The Zaza Leech features both fine ribs with subtle segmentation and a tapered tail action that are calibrated to trigger stronger bites. Soft material, scent and supple action make the Zaza Leech an ideal choice to add to jigs in colder months when fishing is tough. These super tough floating baits have amazing durability that will last and last. Swallow-safe for wildlife. All-natural scent is built into the bait. Free of toxins and environmental hormones.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Fusion458026944261326196mm(3.8inch)7506
C02 Junebug458026944262026296mm(3.8inch)7506
C03 Eclipse458026944263726396mm(3.8inch)7506
C04 Obsidian458026944264426496mm(3.8inch)7506
C05 Morning Dawn458026944265126596mm(3.8inch)7506
C06 Magma458026944266826696mm(3.8inch)7506
C07 Chartreuse458026944267526796mm(3.8inch)7506