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WINNOW95 3.75inch

Nikko’s Winnow 95 (3.75″) is an innovative, high performance ribbed swimbait that puts fish on and lasts through many catches. The innovative, thin and flexible zig-zag ribs transition from jagged to straight along the body. The variable ribs and other design features project a wide spectrum of frequencies triggering the lateral line that will bring in fish when nothing else will. Designed to be effective at both slow and fast retrieves, the Winnow has three separate swimming motions that get fish on. Being made from Nikko’s proprietary super tough floating material increases rigging options. These baits will withstand a ton of abuse without tearing or losing tails. No need to re-rig after a missed hit.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYQtyOrder Qty
C01 MilkyWay458026944441944195mm(3.75inch)1,1505pc6
C02 Green Pumpkin458026944442644295mm(3.75inch)1,1505pc6
C04 Lunar458026944444044495mm(3.75inch)1,1505pc6