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Octopus 6inch

The distinct profile, natural rhythmic swimming action, scent and flavor make this a superior fish attracting bait. In addition to using it as a trailer, the 6” octopus bait can be use with a jig head for exceptional swimming action. From commercial tuna fishermen in the Pacific to largemouth and smallmouth, and a large variety of saltwater species in between, this bait will get the fish’s attention.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
UV Red4580269443030303153mm(6inch)1,0006
UV Glow4580269443047304153mm(6inch)1,0006
UV Orange4580269443054305153mm(6inch)1,0006
UV Clear Red4580269443061306153mm(6inch)1,0006
UV Pink4580269443078307153mm(6inch)1,0006
UV Red Glow Flake4580269443085308153mm(6inch)1,0006
Morning Dawn4580269443122312153mm(6inch)1,0006
Bait Fish Blue4580269443139313153mm(6inch)1,0006
Green Gold Flake4580269443146314153mm(6inch)1,0006