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Super Scent Balls Sinking Model

These sinking versions of the super scent balls represent the first use of the new material “N-S-M (Nikko Sinking Material)” developed by and unique to Nikko. Retaining the softness and strength of Nikko’s elastomer material results in a bait great for sea bream and a variety of fish that are tough on plastics. Crab shell powder is built into the bait to produce the crustacean taste favored by sea bream and to attract more bites. The sinking materials enables easier adjustment of the fall speed, providing more opportunity to get solid bites. During field testing, sea bream were all over this bait and predominantly hit the fall. Rotating colors as needed resulted in more fish on. Infused with crab shell powder, sea bream and other fish held the bait in their mouths longer than other baits. With the world’s only sinking scent balls, experience a new kind of fishing with unrivaled durability and long lasting bites! The assortment pack is only available for the first production run.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYQtyOrder Qty
C01 Solid Black458026944381838113㎜7606pc6
C02 Silky White458026944382538213㎜7606pc6
C03 Green Pellet458026944383238313㎜7606pc6
C04 Brown Pellet458026944384938413㎜7606pc6
C05 Lemon Yellow458026944385638513㎜7606pc6