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Dappy Firefly Squid 3inch

Nikko’s Dappy Firefly Squid is packed with 150X the scent of ordinary baits. Made of Nikko’s revolutionary ultra-soft Dappy material, these floating baits move and undulate like the real thing, and combined with the powerful scent, natural movement and undulation, fish just cannot resist. With superior hook retention, these baits can be rigged in a large number of ways.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Glow White458026944511951176mm(3inch)6006
C02 Clear458026944512651276mm(3inch)6006
C03 Natural458026944513351376mm(3inch)6006
C04 Red UV458026944514051476mm(3inch)6006
C05 Orange UV458026944515751576mm(3inch)6006
C06 Moss Green458026944516451676mm(3inch)6006
C07 UV Red Glow Flake458026944517151776mm(3inch)6006
C08 UV Blue Glow Flake458026944518851876mm(3inch)6006
C10 UV Holo Flakes458026944520152076mm(3inch)6006