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Super Crab 6inch

You can expect some big fish with the largest crab bait on the market. Made of Nikko’s super soft floating material, the legs and claws float upwards and move about like a defensive crab. In addition to amazing detail and being scented with real crab, these soft plastic baits also have a soft shell feel to them like a recently molted crab encouraging more aggressive feeding behavior. Amazingly durable, this crab will stand up to big abuse from big fish. Great for red drum, cobia, tarpon, lingcod, rockfish, octopus and more.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Pearl White4580269445010501152mm(6inch)6906
C02 Solid Red4580269445027502152mm(6inch)6906
C03 Glow White4580269445034503152mm(6inch)6906
C04 Natural4580269445041504152mm(6inch)6906
C05 Chartreuse4580269445058505152mm(6inch)6906