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The Nikko FlexTail baitfish style bait comes pre-rigged with Owner hooks and ready to be fished. Nikko’s proprietary high strength plastic enables the design of a long thin tail to create a unique and dynamic swimming action that invites strikes and will also stand up to heavy abuse from toothy fish. Infused with scent and a variety of colors, the Nikko FlexTail is suitable for a wide variety of conditions and can be used almost anywhere.
ColorJAN CodeItem CodeSizeMSRP JPYOrder Qty
C01 Glow Red Clear45802694428112818.5cm6006
C02 Black Blue Glitter45802694428282828.5cm6006
C03 Purple Clear45802694428352838.5cm6006
C04 Blue White45802694428422848.5cm6006
C05 Pearl White45802694428592858.5cm6006
C06 Aurora45802694428662868.5cm6006