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Zaza Hellgrammite 4.25\” released on 3 Feb 23

This is what you have been waiting for.  With all the magic of the original 3\” model, Nikko 4.25\”
hellgrammites add a little extra magic of their own with greater action through a jointed tail. New hook slot
on back allows for weedless rigging and less snagging making it easier to cast into cover where the big fish
are. The larger appendages flutter on the fall to entice leery fish to bite. Greater bulk allows for easier
skipping. Made with same durable floating material, this bait will last and last. Easy to rig. Easy to fish. Easy
to catch fish.  Now available in Natural, Green Pumpkin, Obsidian, and Magma.  The next new colors (South
Junebug, peppermilk,  mudbug, and Chartreuse) will be available  in late Aoril.