Octopus 6.0 – Red Black Flake


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Size: 6 inch (150mm) 2 Baits per pack.

A great saltwater and even largemouth bass bait. The bait can be rigged by inserting a weight inside the hollow head. The super soft plastic just flutters and waves through the water enticing fish to bite.
UV fluorescent. Naturally scented. Biodegradable in Real life conditions.
This bait floats and is super soft & stretchy, each bait should easily last through Dozens of catches.
Scent is built into the bait. Recharge the scent simply by giving the bait a good stretch. No messy liquids.
Will not harden or dry out. Will not harm fish or animals if ingested.
Biodisintegratable. Phthalate and toxin-free.
Store separately from other plastic Baits.