DAPPY Fly Larvae SS – Cream


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Small size fly larvae – maybe the smallest soft bait in the world.

Great for crappie, sunfish & trout. Popular with ice fishermen. Also used on jig heads, under bobbers, tenkara and sabiki rigs. Although each larva can be fished individually, most fishermen in North America use a whole or partial strand strung on the hook similar to live bait. Due to the small size, adding two strands to a single hook (e.g. one pink & one white) increase bulk and provide visual contrast, increasing effectiveness. Made of the same tough material, these baits will last. You’ll go through a lot of fish before these wear out. Scented with Nikko’s proprietary blend of all natural attractants with added garlic.

Each 2.0″ strand consists of 10 individual larvae. Each larvae is approximately 0.2″ (5mm) in length. Five strands per pack. Comes in a convenient, high quality resealable plastic case.


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