Hellgrammites are effective baits rigged in a variety of ways.

1. Jig heads: Use collarless jig heads. Just a simple straight shank is generally best. Wire bait keeper hooks are sometimes OK, but generally is is best to snip off the extra wire protrusion.
2. Ned rig and similar: These work great, too. Again, it is much easier to rig the bait without the wire bait keeper which is almost always found on this jig head. Snip it off. It is not needed with Nikko’s material.
3. Photos 3-6 show a variety of off-set worm hooks commonly found in tackle shops. Thin wire hooks tend to work best, but ordinary hooks will also work just fine. Photo #6 shows a Gamakatsu G-Lock #1 which works very well with a variety of Nikko baits.
4. Photo 7 shows the hook through the head as done with a drop shot rig. This can also be done with any similar octopus or bait hook and a split shot and fished in a Carolina rig style.
5. Hellgrammites can be hooked under the collar like live bait. Add a little split shot to keep the bait down and this is an effective way to rig the hellgrammite when drifting the bait in the current for smallmouth bass.

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