Fly Larvae

Available in 3 sizes + Dappy versions.

Great for crappie, sunfish & trout. Popular with ice fishermen. Also used on jig heads, under bobbers, sabiki rigs and tenkara. Although each larva can be fished individually, most fishermen in North America use a whole or partial strand strung on the hook similar to live bait. Made of the same tough material, these baits will last. You’ll go through a lot of fish before these wear out. Scented with Nikko’s proprietary blend of all natural attractants with added garlic.

Each strand is 1.8″-2.0″ in length and each larva is approximately 0.2″-0.3″ (5-8mm) in length. Five strands per pack. Comes in a convenient, high quality resealable plastic case.

General Usage