New Pinch Worms in Florida

Nikko’s new Pinch Worms bringing in bass in Florida. Designed to be “pinched” to any length, they can also be fished at the full 12″. Super soft, super scented & long lasting.

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Nikko Baits in Palau

Nikko’s Ikanago Minnows and Dappy Firefly Squid baits caught a bunch of fish in Palau. From mountain streams and lakes to coral reefs or off shore fishing these baits produce wherever they are fished.

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Hawaii Tuna on Nikko Shrimp

Yellowfin tuna on Nikko Okiami Shrimp #30 (bottom right of photo). Nikko’s are so effective they are used by commercial fishermen around the Pacific. This recent photo shows a commercial fisherman in Hawaii with a his recent catch on a

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