New Waxworms are here!

The newest Nikko Dappy waxworm model is finally here! These highly sought after baits are ultra soft, UV fluorescent and highly scented. Great for ice fishing, panfish, trout and more. Now available in a high quality clam case inside a

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Alaska Halibut Fishing Report

What could be better than cut bait for halibut fishing? Answer is cut bait + Nikko soft baits! When Nikko soft baits are added to various cut bait such as herring or other rough fish, more halibut were caught than

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Neko Rigged Nikko Bass Worms for Smallmouth Bass

Check out YouTube’s NDYakAngler video fishing Nikko’s floating bass worms Neko rigged for smallmouth bass. The worms actually have a hollow head which are ideal for nail weights when using Neko rigs. In this video, one worm lasted all day

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