Two models of Nikko’s popular bass worms have been released in a limited edition run of green pumpkin and the new junebug. The #1 selling club tail Zaza worm and the popular paddle tail Zaza worm will be sold in bulk for the time being.

Nikko’s Zaza worms are unique by their floating qualities, hollow head, insertion hole for rattles and proprietary fish attracting built-in all natural scent. With unsurpassed durability, these worms will last through many dozens of catches and save customers money and space. Due to their unique design, Nikko’s Zaza worms are the most customizable worms on the market today.

If you fish bass worms, you will love Nikko’s Zaza worms. You will catch more fish, save money, have fun and enjoy not having to lug around extra packs of baits.