Alaska Halibut Fishing Report

What could be better than cut bait for halibut fishing? Answer is cut bait + Nikko soft baits! When Nikko soft baits are added to various cut bait such as herring or other rough fish, more halibut were caught than on more generously baited hooks with cut bait. Nikko makes a difference!

Just one Nikko squid strip added to a baited hook made a difference. Popular colors with the halibut were the glow clear (#217) and glow pink (#216) models. The largest halibut (about 100 lbs) was caught on a hook tipped with a glow pink squid strip (see photo).

The most action was seen by the Nikko Super Crab 6″. Halibut would pass on generously baited hooks of herring and bait fish to strike the sparsely baited Nikko crab. On tough days, the Nikko crab was the only bait to put fish on the boat! The Nikko 6″ crab is scented with real crab. To provide additional attraction power, a Nikko large pinch worm (#182) (scented at 10X other baits) was tied in the eye of the hook to broaden the scent spectrum and supply more wiggly action. Crabs shown in photos are #503 glow white models.